• Please contact your senior class advisors if you have any questions:

    Ms. Berkelman

    Ms. Castro

    Mr. Chow

    Mr. Kim (See for info. about senior events)

    Ms. Ligsay

    Ms. Mendez

    Mr. Pablo

    Mr. Pearson

    Ms. Arney

    Mr. Zertuche

    Mr. Zhou

    Mr. Zou

    Ms. Quindlen

    Omar Campos


  • For college and financial aid advising, See:

    Tyla Brown, JCYC

    Simone Andrade, PACT

    Ron Marshall, EAOP College Advisor

    Michelle Garcia, EAOP College Advisor

    Anthea Lim, EAOP College Advisor

    Arman Liwanag, Uaspire College Financial Aid Advisor

    CLASS OF 2018!

    Senior Officers, 2017-18

    Fiona Wong c/o2018 President

    Amy Huang c/o2018 Vice President

    MaryAnn Ramiro c/o2018 Secretary

    Ashley Rasalan c/o2018 Treasurer


    ASB Officers, 2017-18

    Meryl Sandoval c/o2018 ASB President

    Jordan Chu c/o2018 ASB Vice President

    Jennifer Tran c/o2018 ASB Secretary

    Ryan Ryo Situ c/o2018 ASB Treasurer

    Saajid Ali c/o2018 ASB Parliamentarian



    Mr. Campos


    For financial aid, check out www.fafsa.ed.gov.