Special Education

Peter Toscani
Special Education Co-Teacher
Location: #324 for 1st & 4th; # 318 for 2nd &6th
Classes: Study Skills, World History
Office Hours: Mondays through Fridays 7-7:45 AM
# of years in education: 19
Originally from: Dayton, Ohio
Hobbies: I love to travel to different places around the world and collect art and antique toys
Addt'l info: Peace!

Elizabeth St. Clair
Moderate to Severe Disabilities Special Day Class Teacher
Classes: ELA, Math, Career Exploration, Health
Location: Room 108
# of years in education: 31
Orginally from: San Francisco, CA (4th generation San Franciscan)
Hobbies: Recycling, Playing Solitaire on my laptop, shopping, going out to eat
Quote: "You don't have to be perfect to be Wonderful!"

Anthony Singleton
From: San Francisco, CA
Hobbies: Reading, kayaking, sailing, playing football and baseball
Paraprofessional for: 10 years
Classes: Special Education, Moderate and Severe disabilities
Room: 110

Marie-France Ladine
SDC Teacher
Classes: Reading Career Skills Lifeskills Community Based
Location: Room 104
# of years in education: 20
Originally from: SF Native- First generation here...French Basque
Hobbies: I enjoy watching basketball. I love going on walks. I love reading. I love young people.
Addt'l info: Glad to be here at Burton!

Benito Santiago
From: San Francisco, CA
Hobbies: Conga drumming, latin dancing, performing filipino martial arts
Paraprofessional for: 4 years
Classes: Community Base Instructor
Room: 104

Dr. Cook
Ellen Cook
Special Education Teacher
Location: Periods 1 & 2: Room S-102; Periods 4 & 6: Room 228
Classes: Co-teach Chemistry with Mr. Schwartz; Co-teach American Literature with Mr. Zou
Office hours: Monday thru Friday, 7:15am-7:45am
# of years in education: 28
Originally from: I was born in Queens, NY and raised in NJ
Hobbies: When I am not at Burton I enjoy spending time with my family, walking my dogs, quilting, listening to music, and reading.
Quote: "Nothing will work unless you do." ~Maya Angelou

Tiffany Jiang
Special Education Teacher
Location: Room 238
Classes: Access
# of years in education: 4
Originally from: San Francisco, California
Hobbies: I like to go out and try new foods.

Shirley Yi Li Lin
Special Education Paraprofessional
Classes: Special Education Day Care Class
Location: Room 104
# of years teaching: 19
Originally from: Tai-Shan, Canton, the People's Republic of China
Hobbies: Tai-chi is my favorite activity.
Addt'l info: We do music circle and Tai-Chi every Tuesday after lunch.

Laura Langlois

Algebra 1 and 2 Special Education Teacher
Location: Room 338 for 1st, 5th, and 7th, Room 324 for 2nd
Classes: Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 SDC
Office Hours: My 4th period serves as office hours. Weekly it takes place Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 10:45-11:35 and Wednesday from 8-9:30 am.
# of years in education: 1st
Originally from: Sioux City, IA
Hobbies: In my free time, I love to try new recipes and take drawing classes.
Addt'l info: I'm estatic to join the Burton team!


Suzette Bradley
Special Education Department Chair and English Teacher
Classes: 9th grade English and 10th Grade English
Location: 206 1st and 7th 232 3rd and 5th
# of years teaching: 12
Originally from: San Bruno, CA
Hobbies: Power lifting, Gaelic football, Camogie, Eating lots of protein

Holly Adler
Resource Specialist / Algebra Co-Teacher
Location: Room 324 (1st & 4th), Room 346 (3rd & 7th)
Classes: Study Skills and Co-taught Algebra
# of years in education: 4
Originally from: New York
Hobbies: I am a huge psychology nerd, and I am doing my PhD research on human transformation in social systems. I love to dance, run, and play with my dog!
Think It, Dream It, Live It, Be It.

Matt Tyler
Special Education Teacher
Classes: Algebra/Geometry/Study Skills
Location: Rooms 302, 344, 319
# of years teaching: 5
Originally from: San Francisco
Hobbies: I am athletic and I like to surf and ride my bike. I have three dogs and they are my family and I like like to take them all to the beach to run.
Addt'l info: All good.

Ms. Bradley –Department Chair
Jeffrey Ablang
Lisbeth Benninger – Speech therapist
Ms. Burciaga
Mr. DeSantiago
Ms. Engelhardt
Mr. Ferrer
Ms. Luna
Mr. Ocano
Mr. Richardson
Ms. Rodrigues
Mr. Sanchez
Ms. Taylor
Mr. Tomsovic
Ms. Turney
Ms. Harris
Ms. Brown
Ms. Buita