Welcome to Burton Clubs! We represent the diverse interests of students. Clubs are a way for students to do what they want to do with many other students that share the same interest. Clubs take an important role in enabling students to not only use their skills, but acquire new ones.

FOR 2017-18

If you have information or media about the clubs listed below, or
additional clubs, then please contact Mr. Singer at singerd@sfusd.edu.







A White

Thursday at lunch

Room 318

We watch a lot of anime, talk about anime and eat anime-related snacks (like pochi sticks). Come hang out and enjoy the wonders of Japanese animation.

Board Game Club

Shawn Schwartz

Fridays, 3-5pm

Room S102

We play games like Sushi Go, Crossover Crisis, Magic: The Gathering, Pandemic, and Munchkins.


Kyle Prince

Mondays during lunch, 11:45am-12:10pm

Room 218

Black Student Union is a safe space in which students can discuss and learn about topics of race and other areas of social justice. The club serves as a support group for students of color but all of the Burton community are welcome to attend meetings and events.

Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA)

Patrick Mulkern

Tuesdays during lunch, 11:35a-12:15pm

Room 233

The GSA meets weekly as a place for queer and ally youth to support each other, build community, plan school wide events, and learn more about queer history.

LEAD Nature Bridge

LCDR Sadiarin

Lunch time, from 11.05am-11.50am

Room 233

L.E.A.D stands for Leadership Exploration/Education And Development which helps develop leadership among youth. Youths will fund the trip by learning how to plan and organize fundraising activities.


Mary Ann Castro

Fridays during lunch, 11:45am-12:10pm

Room 334

The Mabuhay club meets weekly to learn more about the Filipino culture and traditions through activities like monthly fiesta and watching Filipino movies.


Yi Song

Friday, during lunch, 11:35am-12:15pm

Room 328

We watch movie to learn about Chinese culture, we play Chinese card game, Chinese chess, write Chinese calligraphy and we also have traditional Chinese food like dumpling, chowmein and fried rice.


LCDR Sadiarin & MSgt Daniels

Mon through Fri (3:15-5:30pm), Wed (1:15pm-4pm)

Far Tennis Court

Special Teams partice daily after school: Drum Corp, Flag Team, Exhibition Team, Color Guard, Drill Competion. Raider Team (Phyiscil Fitness) practice Mon, Wed & Fri after school.

Red Cross


Mondays during lunch

Room S202

The American Red Cross exists to provide compassionate care to those in need. Join us to help support our community.

Script Ed

Ellen Watkins

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3:15-4:45pm

Room 339

ScriptEd equips students with the fundamental coding skills and professional experiences that together create access to careers in technology and we are excited to be partnering again with Burton this year.